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2 Artists / 2 Studios: Pompeo Coppini and Frida Kahlo in San Antonio

Wednesday, October 27, 2021—San Antonio

Sponsored by the Neill-Cochran House Museum to complement NCHM Book Club selections by Stephen Harrigan

See photos below!

Morning - Pompeo Coppini, Italian Neo-classical sculptor in Texas

Coppini works and sites:

Cenotaph (Spirit of Sacrifice), 1936 monument to the fallen, Alamo Plaza

Scottish Rite Cathedral, 1924

The Coppini Academy, founded in 1936

Sculptural Designs Atelier: tour and conversation with sculptor Donna Dobberfuhl

Private Luncheon at The Argyle, founded 1859

Afternoon - Frida Kahlo, Mexican Painter with a Unique Vision

"Frida Kahlo Oasis" in the San Antonio Botanical Garden

A world-debut exhibition that uncovers Kahlo's deep connection with Mexican native vegetation and the natural world

Casa Azul: the legendary blue home Kahlo/Rivera studio in Mexico City, recreated

Coppini Reprise: visit to his self-designed crypt in Sunset Memorial Park - thoughtfully coordinated tour arranged by the outstanding Sunset team.


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