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Meet Barbara

Introducing Barbara Newey

Art Wise Tour Manager and Art Historian

With a passion for art and a keen eye for detail, Barbara embarked on a journey to pursue her love of art history after raising her family. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Art History from Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina, she is now dedicated to crafting artful itineraries and managing tours that cater to travelers who cherish art, architecture, and cultural immersion.

Her deep appreciation for art and culture has led her to this fulfilling role with Art inSight and the Neill-Cochran House Museum where she brings art enthusiasts together on adventures that foster learning, shared experiences, and personal growth. Join Barbara in exploring the world of art and culture through her carefully curated tours.

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Meet Karen

Introducing Karen Pope, PhD

Art inSight Owner and Art Historian

Karen Pope, PhD, has graciously invited Art Wise to join her "Adventures in Art History."  Embarking on its 25th year, Art inSight enjoys art history friendships around Austin, around central Texas and around the country.  Her goal is to expand her companions' understanding of art history, regardless of their backgrounds. Karen is a beloved lecturer and enthusiastic guide.  I look forward to this opportunity to join her in the next chapter.

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Located in the heart of Austin, TX, the NCHM is one of the city's oldest historic residences (1856). Art Wise is honored to coordinate and manage custom tours for the Friends of the NCHM featuring Itineraries rich in architectural history, private events including receptions with Colonial Dames in other states, special exhibitions, offerings in the performing arts, and general sightseeing. These tours have cemented good friendships among travelers and sustained support for the NCHM.

Neill-Cochran House Museum

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